General Contracting Services

Viremida Norge AS general contracting servicesGeneral Contracting Services

Viremida Norge AS provides general contracting services for small and medium size projects. Managing construction process on a basis of general contracting agreement ensures the following benefits for the Customer:

  • Customer transfers all responsibility to a single general contractor
  • Cutomer deals with single contact person during all design and construction process
  • Customer gets professional expertise during all design and construction process
  • General contracting ensures less mistakes, faster and more efficient design and construction process.

General contracting services suits best the Clients who lack internal human resources to manage design and construction processes themself and who want to concentrate on their primary business. The following are the main groups of Customers who are recommended to consider working on general contract basis:

  • Private individuals building their homes
  • Companies building new or expanding existing premisses
  • Real estate developers

Viremida Norge AS is working both with private individuals and companies.

Viremida Norge AS is a part of Viremida Group of companies which has more than 20 years of experience in construction industry, and more than 7 years of experience in Norwegian construction market. We will be more than happy to share this experience with You!

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